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Conway company distributing large supply of PPE across the country



CONWAY, Ark. — A Conway company with a long history of giving and caring about the community is stepping up even more.

Preferred Medical has been a trusted supplier of PPE and other medical equipment for nearly 40 years.

Once COVID-19 hit, its employees have been in overdrive distributing hundreds of thousands of masks and not just here in Arkansas but all across the country.

The President and CEO say getting the necessary products has been a monumental task.

“We’ve been able to take what normally takes three or four weeks to source overseas where the products are made. We’ve been using air freight to get it in 3 or 4 days,” said Todd Ross the President and CEO of Preferred Medical.

Ross also says because of the existing relationships they have been able to order larger quantities, which are then distributed to various locations across the country, ultimately ending up at hospitals, health care facilities, and clinics.

Preferred Medical has six locations across the country.

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