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Conway Fire Department: Our employees are among the first to receive the Covid-19 vaccine in Arkansas



Conway, Arkansas – Conway fire department is among the first department in the state of Arkansas that started with Covid-19 vaccination process.

Some of the firefighters received the first dose of the Pfizer’s vaccine.

“In order to do our job effectively, we have to lower the risk of Covid-19 as much as we can and this is the best possible way. We are so happy that our employees are among the first to receive the vaccine.” – Captain Ty Ledbetter said.

The shots were administrated at Conway Regional. The state decided to fit the fire department in the first group along with the healthcare workers. As of now, only half of the employees have received the first dose.

This means an extra layer of protection for our workers and will surely make our work easier. It’s such a relief for many of us.

Since the vaccine is not mandatory, the President of the Arkansas Professional Firefighters Association Wade Marshal is encouraging every firefighter to take the vaccine.

It is expected that by the end of January every department in the state will have the vaccine.

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