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Conway grinch repeatedly snipping Christmas lights on woman’s home



Conway, Arkansas – Twice in one week, the power wires were completely severed through the lights in a mother’s downtown house.

Her family plans to keep the lights on despite the crime. Marilyn Moix and Justin Hoadley worry that someone has put taking down their display on their Christmas Wishlist because they haven’t heard of it happening anyplace else in the College Avenue area of their neighborhood.

Hoadley is prepared to redeck the halls after assessing the damage to the area around his mother’s house.

“This is our second time this year so far. It happened twice last year,” Hoadley said. “We’re going to keep fighting for Christmas joy because that’s what we do at our house.”

Hoadley questioned who would have cut his mother’s Christmas lights given that the distance between her house and the police station was only six blocks.

“I love Christmas,” Moix stated. “We believe in the spirit of people, the spirit of the season, and the joy that lights and decorations can bring to not only our family but to people as they pass by our home.”

The family hasn’t made a police report, but they have requested that officers patrolling the busy street corner be extra vigilant.

“In the evening hours, that’s when it seems to happen. Right around dusk,” Moix said.

She and Hoadley hope that whoever is responsible is found red-handed or perhaps red-nosed and get exactly what they deserve. However, they do not want the offender to spend the holidays in jail.

“I just hope maybe they get a lump of coal in their stocking. That’s what I keep telling everybody,” Hoadley concluded.

“If the person sees this who’s doing this, can you just be happy with the season of Christmas and let the lights be the lights,” Moix added.

Some have suggested using a game camera to identify the perpetrators, but Moix said she doesn’t believe it would be effective given how busy the street is. Hoadley stated that while he would prefer not to, he is ready to maintain renewing these lights throughout the holiday season if necessary.

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