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Conway officer credited with saving young child’s life



CONWAY, Ark. – A Conway Police Officer is being hailed as a hero for saving the life of a baby who was choking after swallowing some of his mother’s medication.

At 17 months old, baby Nathan doesn’t stay in one place for long.

“He gets into everything. He’s putting anything and everything in his mouth,” Nathan’s mom Courtney Kelly said.

Picking up whatever is in sight, his curiosity led him into a dangerous situation.

“I didn’t know that he could get into the drawers,” Kelly said.

She said she turned away for one minute, the next her son opened a drawer and got into her medication.

“It’s one of those experiences that doesn’t seem real,” Kelly said.

Immediately calling 911, it wasn’t long before a patrol car came screaming down the block.

“I was all up in tears crying and the first one I saw was Officer Bruno and I thought oh thank goodness,” Kelly said.

Officer Michael Bruno flipped Nathan over and performed the Heimlich.

“He was reaching out for Nathan like a hero,” Kelly said.

It only took a few tries before pills came out and Nathan was breathing normally again.

Nathan is back on the move and his mom is saying thank you to the man in blue who came to the rescue.

“Your job is more than just arresting bad guys it’s saving little children’s lives,” Kelly said.

This is the second child in a week in Arkansas that has gotten into their parent’s medication. The other incident was in Texarkana and Narcan had to be used to save a two-year-old who overdosed on Percocet.

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