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Conway owl struck by a car survives unharmed



Conway, Arkansas – The central Arkansas Raptor Rehab Center has been rehabbing birds for 20 years and has returned about 3,000 to the wild. Soon, an owl receiving treatment there will join that group.

It was struck by a car early on Tuesday in Conway, and it will have a significant testimony to share with its buddies.

The vehicle struck the owl at roughly 4 a.m., according to Rodney Paul, director of Raptor Rehab, then waited for almost 6 hours to see if anyone could aid it.

“This owl was embedded. All you could see was the head out of the lower grill of the car,” Paul said.

According to him, the owner of the car gladly allowed him to cause damage to it in order to rescue the owl. “Her concern was the safety of the owl,” Paul stated.

Reaching for the owl, Paul expected the worst as he says, “his wings were stuck way behind him,” which led Paul to think when he “pulled him out, he was going to be all mangled.”

The owl, however, escaped the mishap unscathed.

Paul claimed that once he managed to release the owl from the car bumper, he went to get it X-Rayed but was unable to discover any issues.

He picked up another owl that wasn’t as fortunate almost 24 hours after the miracle owl was struck.

“I haven’t had it x-rayed yet but from experience, I think I know where the break is located and it’s not a recoverable injury,” Paul explained.

The unharmed owl is a once-in-a-lifetime survivor, according to Paul.

He is taking a lot of painkillers at Raptor Rehab Center to treat it.” I’m sure its sore as all get out after smashing through a car grill,” Paul said.

Within the following two weeks, according to Paul, he will release the owl.

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