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Conway School Board meeting about draft policies about bathroom use regarding gender



Conway, Arkansas – On Thursday night, the Conway School Board met to review draft policies about the use of bathrooms and room assignments on overnight trips regarding gender.

“We want to take into consideration all students,” said school board member, Linda Harris.

Vicki Crockett has a transgender daughter who is a senior at Conway High school.

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The policy states, “girls will use girl bathroom and guys will use the guy’s bathrooms and u can use the faculty if you need a non-gender one,” said Crockett.

The other policy, discussing roommate assignments on overnight trips.

“You can’t stay with the opposite gender on school trips, boys have to stay with boys and girls have to stay with girls and if parents want their children to stay not with boys or not with girls they have to pay for it themselves personally,” said Crockett.

Members of the school board explained their reasoning during the meeting.

“One concern…. all of our conversations revolve around this one group of students… and we are not thinking about the others,” said Harris.

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Vicki Crockett said if this policy goes through, children like her daughter will feel isolated at school.

“I’m hoping that they recognize the personal level of it and that would help them realize it’s something they just can’t do,” said Harris.

The policies are under a 30-day read to give the school board time to consider the public comment and input prior to approval.

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