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Conway School District boxing up food for virtual students



Conway, Arkansas – School districts continue to navigate through this pandemic, finding new hurdles daily. One challenge every district is tasked with is keeping those online learners fed just like they do the ones at school.

This district is packing up boxes weekly for these kids.

The boxes aren’t just filled with random pre-packaged food, they take it one step further and even create and seal their own veggies and other foods those kids would find in the school cafeteria.

“We are going to do whatever it takes to take care of our kids,” said Sharon Burgess from Conway School District.

“We have about 225 boxes, which is about a little over 2,000 meals,” said Burgess.

Hundreds of students in the Conway School District participate in the USDA School Breakfast and lunch program that provides free or reduced-cost meals.

“We just feel like it’s important to make sure that those kids who are going off-site have the opportunity to get a well-balanced meal each day,” said Burgess.

When the pandemic hit, the district had to find a solution for those who chose to stay home to learn, so they turned to the boxes.

Burgess fills the boxes with familiar favorites, even veggies. With the click of a mouse, parents can book a box and then pull up and drive away stocked with food.

“They order once a week and they can order for the number of days they want. They can order five breakfast, five lunch or just one, whatever works for them,” said Burgess.

The district says they are still tweaking the new system, but are committed to feeding students minds and bodies.

Every district has its own method for getting the meals to students. Smaller districts like the Carlisle School District is actually hand-delivering them, but if your child is covered under this program you can reach out to your specific district.

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