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Conway self-defense instructor offers tips for women after the kidnapping of Memphis jogger



Conway, Arkansas – On Friday morning, a local self-defense instructor is sharing tips for women after Eliza Fletcher was kidnapped while jogging.

The Conway Toe2Toe, they’re looking to provide protection for women of all ages and some of the women who attend their classes say they’re taking their power back.

Vicki Robinson, a mom of two, learning how to take down an attacker has been crucial. “It gives me more confidence when I’m out and about because I am on my own throughout the day so I feel like I’m better prepared for those situations,” said Robinson.

After the kidnapping and murder of Tennessee mother Eliza Fletcher and the 2020 murder of Jackson County woman, Sydney Sutherland, Robinson says she cautions her own daughters when jogging or simply going out. “You shouldn’t be going alone, you should be aware of your environment and even have some protection with you,” said Robinson.

Those words are also echoed by the owner of the center, Curtiss Robinson. “We are a real-world self-defense program which means we hit people,” He goes on to say, “my recommendation is when someone grabs you by the hair from the front or the back go towards it.

According to Robinson, carrying protection is just as valuable as knowing when to use it. “To a soft spot in the neck, like car keys, or a hair rod makes a good weapon, I would say a small pocket knife,” said Robinson.

They also cover sensitive topics like rape or sexual assault, he said.

Another important tool Vicki says she learned was using verbal judo to de-escalate a situation.


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