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Conway teen gets cast in Disney Plus movie



Conway, Arkansas – Everybody has a dream career they hope to pursue in the future, and for one Central Arkansas adolescent who was cast in a Disney Plus film, that ambition is now a reality.

“I’m really proud to represent my community and my friends and everyone I know,” local movie star Piper Wallace said.

Piper Wallace, a 15-year-old Conway resident, fell in love with musical theater at the age of 9.

“I have always loved it,” Wallace said.

She’s a rising star in her community theater and has been in auditions for notable roles in Marvel and HBO Max films, but she never received a response.

“I definitely don’t try to get my hopes up for every role because like oh yeah a Marvel movie never going to hear back, Disney you know,” Wallace stated.

However, Disney is the one that is letting her make a big splash right now!

“Me and my sister were both out playing and we both were super excited and jumping up and down and screaming,” Wallace said.

World’s Best, the movie, was just recently released. It concerns a young child who decides to become a rapper like his father.

Piper spent two months filming in Canada before moving to New York City for the big debut.

“It’s just like, I don’t know, I feel like I have been working up to this point, but I never thought I would get to this point, especially this soon but it’s really amazing,” Wallace said.

She portrays 12-year-old Claire, the main character’s best friend, and a nerd, in the film.

“She is also a math nerd and she’s the one that is grounded and that she knows who she is and she is very weird,” Wallace stated.

The movie is now being pulled up as Piper sits on her couch, activates the remote, and opens Disney Plus.

Now, her art will be seen by people everywhere.

“It’s really cool because like I grew up, no one, I have never really seen people from Arkansas like on the screen and when you do it’s like of wow look that person is from Arkansas,” Wallace said.

Piper hopes that sharing this may encourage others to dream big and have faith in their abilities.

Piper expressed her gratitude for the circle of support she has around her and the fact that she is back at home.

For the time being, she is back performing in regional theater productions and aiming for the stars. If time permits, she might even make it to Broadway.

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