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Conway’s East German Lane extension to reduce floods and provide walkways



Conway, Arkansas – As the City of Conway keeps growing, its officials have to modernize its infrastructure to keep up with the increase.

On the outskirts of Conway, East German Lane is currently a two-lane road. Soon, it will undergo reconstruction to include sidewalks and a middle turn lane.

“It is going to include 8 ft. side paths for both pedestrians and cyclists with a buffer in-between,” said Bobby Kelly, Communications Officer for the City of Conway. “There has been a lot of pressure on this road. Traffic volume hovers at 8,500 cars per day but as the county continues to grow there will be more and more folks who use this road.”

Kelly said they also have plans to mitigate chronic flooding issues. “An underground culvert that runs underneath the school track, to improve it back into some of the neighborhoods so yes it will help the people out on the road itself but connecting neighborhoods should see some benefits.”

Located in the center of this new development is Preston and Florence Mattison Elementary School.

The main benefit of this renovation, according to neighbor Mari Green, is that it would make the area safer for kids.

“We have children that are walking to school and they walk in the ditch,” said Green. “I would rather them walk in the ditch or in my yard behind this tree rather than walking near the street so I am perfectly fine with them putting in a sidewalk.”

She stated that the changes are required since Conway is expanding at the same rate as it has been in recent years.

“100%. I am all for it,” said Green. “If it is going to make the area safer, make the area better, sometimes the infrastructure has to change a little bit in order to accommodate those people.

In order to help with traffic congestion, phase two of this project will widen the intersection of East German Lane and Oak Street and provide more turning lanes at the light.

The current project is expected to be finished in the fall of this year, according to the city, but there might be some overlap with August’s school return.







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