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Cop from Pine Bluff returns to work following a head-on collision with an inebriated driver



Pine Bluff, Arkansas – A police officer from Pine Bluff has returned to her job following a serious head-on accident with an inebriated motorist. More than three months ago, Officer Tiffany Wood was responding to a call. She claimed her life was changed that evening.

Wood claimed that even if she is back in her favorite location, this is not the role she desires. Her badge, her patrol car, and her outfit, she claimed, have vanished. Wood claimed that although working part-time at the Pine Bluff police headquarters, she still yearns to return to the streets.

“I miss the streets, sitting there listening to the radio traffic, I miss it so much. I’m ready to be out there,” Wood said. “I will take reports all day every day just so I can be on the streets again. I love it.”

Wood claimed on October 29, 2023, that she suffered many injuries in the crash she was in after being struck by an intoxicated motorist. Among those injuries, according to her, were a head injury, fractured knee, broken femur, broken ribs, and broken T1.

The man who struck Wood was cited by PBPD for DWI, failing to provide proof of insurance, and refusing to submit to a sobriety test, according to a police record.

Wood stated that she had been attending one- or two-hour physical therapy sessions three times a week since the beginning of December 2023. She claimed that her recuperation had not been an easy one.

“There’s definitely been moments where I have nearly balled my eyes out because the pain can be quite a bit too much at times,” she said.

Wood said she keeps going despite the suffering because she knows she will return one day to serve her neighborhood in a new police vehicle.

“The badge itself, like I’m ready to put it back on and I love being able to help others, and I can’t wait to get back to that,” Wood said.

Wood stated that she might not fully recuperate until the end of the year.

According to a Pine Bluff Police spokesman, the man who struck Wood is not currently facing any criminal charges related to the incident.


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