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Couple from Searcy detained after police claimed they supplied fentanyl tablets that caused two overdoses



Searcy, Arkansas – Accused of selling them fentanyl, a Searcy couple was detained and charged with the deaths of two persons.

A 26-year-old was discovered dead on Sunday after taking too many fentanyl-containing pills.

Leroy and Tara Sanders are accused by Searcy police of selling the woman drugs.

Police claimed that after additional investigation, they also sold fentanyl to another person in February, which also contributed to an overdose fatality.

The two were taken off the street because, according to Searcy Police Chief Steve Hernandez, they had more fentanyl on them than someone else might have purchased in the coming days. They also might have overdosed.

Both people are accused of aggravated death by delivery, which under new Arkansas law carries a sentence of up to life in prison.

To discover if there are any further connections, Searcy police say they are continuing their investigation.

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