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Cub Scouts in Maumelle are building a rain garden



Maumelle, Arkansas – In Maumelle, a Cub Scout troop is building a rain garden while collecting badges.

The rain garden, which is near Lake Willastein, will assist in addressing stormwater problems caused by run-off from surfaces including roofs, driveways, and lawns.

Wolf Den Three got their hands dirty by helping to excavate and plant water-absorbing bushes and flowers.

“We’re hoping to help, in the city of Maumelle, to put more of these around and working with developers and working with residents to understand these strategies better so they can put them in, even at their home,” Maumelle Planning and Permits Director Scott Grummer said. “I have one at my home just right around the corner.

This is one of two gardens that will help with water filtration and drainage issues.

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