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Danville senior scores the game-winning shot following an act of sportsmanship



Danville, Arkansas – Few people in Danville will ever forget this game-winning move.

Senior Talon Hefner of Danville High School scored the winning points in his final home game on Saturday night.

Hefner is still experiencing the adrenaline of those last few seconds 24 hours later.

“My heart was pounding,” said Hefner. “I was actually feeling happy.”

Hefner has stood with these colleagues for four years. He has played in both on- and off-court matches, but claims that nothing will ever equal to the last few seconds versus a rival squad.

“It’s really intense, my heart is beating really fast,” said Hefner.

Saturday Danville competed against Two Rivers High School, a rival. When Hefner entered the game late on, Danville had the lead.

Hefner receives the ball from an opponent after missing a stroke.

“This just goes to show that it’s a lot more than basketball,” said spectator Jarrett Davis.

Hefner requires special care.

Players knew the last shot would matter more than any win in his final game.

“That just made it that much more special, just to see his shot go in at the buzzer, it was awesome,” said Davis who also caught video of the play.

“I jumped out of my seat and started clapping,” said Talon’s mom Desiree Gooch.

Many people will never forget that moment when rivals sacrificed victory to secure an MVP place.

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