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DaVinci Innovations to sell Envirotech electric vehicles



Jonesboro, Arkansas – According to Osceola-based Envirotech Vehicles, DaVinci Innovations (DVI) will begin selling its electric vehicles.

DVI, founded by Guy Pardew this year, is the state’s first commercial electric vehicle dealer.

“The days of going to dealerships to purchase vehicles continue to become less prevalent in the industry,” said Phillip Oldridge, CEO of Envirotech Vehicles. “We are excited to see how DVI’s entirely online system will help enhance buyer experience and make purchasing our heavy-duty, fully-electric vehicles more convenient and accessible across the state.”

According to Pardew, he was “thrilled” about the partnership, adding his online dealership is a quick and efficient way for businesses to find and purchase vehicles that fit their needs.

The vehicles will be shipped directly from Envirotech’s plant in Osceola to the customer, according to the news release.

“This is a huge step forward in improving Arkansas’s impact on the environment and helping companies embrace a greener alternative to commercial transportation,” Pardew added.


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