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Days after his car is pinned beneath an 18-wheeler, an Arkansas kid graduates



Maumelle, Arkansas – Harvey Shelton, a senior from Maumelle, graduated on his own on Monday after missing his actual ceremony over the weekend.

Last Saturday, the boy was traveling to his graduation when he got into a very horrific car accident that pinned his vehicle beneath an 18-wheeler.

Shelton left the scene of the accident with numerous stitches and gratitude for the unidentified person who stopped to comfort the teen until more assistance could be provided.

“[I] reached my hand out to yell for help and he grabbed me and just said ‘I’m here praying for you, just keep talking to me, deep breaths and [help’s] going to be here real soon,'” Shelton said.

The kindhearted person’s name was Darrell. He was able to go to Maumelle and watch the unique event while sporting a blue jersey on Monday.

“I think that for [Harvey] and for us, it was definitely a wake-up call to life. It is not promised. He got another chance,” Shelton’s family said.

Shelton still needs to recover a bit longer, but he has aspirations to join the military and get a degree at Magnolia, Arkansas’ Southern Arkansas University.

The graduating ceremony at Maumelle High School on Monday morning will be remembered even if it may not have looked like your normal high school graduation.


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