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Despite a small decline in inflation, consumers in Arkansas are concerned



Little Rock, Arkansas – Reports indicate that following a sharply inflated start to the year, inflation has declined in the previous month; yet, this may not represent a significant enough shift for consumers.

Customers in Arkansas said they aren’t feeling the 0.04% fall in inflation, despite the fact that it has happened.

“I don’t think that I’ve noticed that. But I mean if it has then I’ll look out for it. But I think so from my perspective… I would say no,” Consumer, Kendra Gavin said.

“It is not something that I have noticed. Especially, in the grocery stores. Things that you would normally buy something for 5 dollars is now $10. That… For consumers that isn’t too good,” Consumer, Lisa Davis said.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor reports that inflation may be slightly declining, but prices have increased by almost 20% since a few years ago.

“From a purchase of a car to the groceries to our electric bill and our consumers… Their salaries… Their paychecks are staying the same,” Davis said.

“I love to thrift, but I’ve started to thrift more because the prices have increased but also the thrift store is increasing as well. The prices are way higher than they used to be. And for sure groceries too,” Gavin said.

Many believe that the numbers will continue to decline since they find the existing rates burdensome for day-to-day living.

“For all Arkansans… For our children, I know that Arkansas is struggling with some high levels of hunger and so I think it’s just imperative for our children to do better. We need to do better to get those inflation prices down,” Davis said.

Leaving many Arkansans in search of a better future. “So that Arkansans as a whole can be a happier group of individuals,” Davis said.

“So instead of spending money on groceries and gas, we can spend it on things that we truly like to do. And love,” Gavin said.

Customers express curiosity in knowing the inflation % findings for the upcoming months. A crucial question to ask is, “Will it really make a difference?”


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