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Directors in Little Rock support stronger landlord regulations



Little Rock, Arkansas – On a number of subjects, the Little Rock Board of Directors made significant decisions on Tuesday night.

A few rulings dealt with Little Rock Police Department litigation, while others established new guidelines that can have an effect on the rights of renters.

For a number of reasons, the room was standing room only.

A settlement for a discrimination case in the LRPD was one of the largest last-minute additions to the schedule.

A $245,000 settlement was given to a number of LRPD officers, including former assistant chiefs Alice Fulk and Hayward Finks, in their legal battle with the City of Little Rock and former Little Rock Chief of Police Keith Humphrey.

Retaliation, a hostile work environment, and employment discrimination were also charged in the lawsuit.

Humphrey left the LRPD in 2022 to retire. He did, however, just accept a position at the University of Memphis this year as the new police chief.

In a separate case, The City of Little Rock is proceeding with the Terry Mansion’s renovations after the board decided to provide an architecture firm $120,000 to assess the building’s restoration needs.

The city is presently being sued by the Terry family for failing to maintain the historic structure.

In addition, the Little Rock board approved three rules that will increase the rights of tenants in the city and increase landlord accountability for maintaining homes up to code.

Liens can now be served by code enforcement on property owners who fail to keep their properties safe and hygienic. Foreclosure on the property may occur if the problems persist.

“I think there are some positive things here for our tenants and for our enforcement,” Little Rock Director Antwan Phillips said.

Attending the meeting, a number of people discussed the idea of drafting a ceasefire ordinance in favor of Palestine with the directors. The directors remained silent during the citizen communication period.

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