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Disaffiliation from First United Methodist Church in Jonesboro is denied



Little Rock, Arkansas – The disaffiliation agreement for the First United Methodist Church Jonesboro has been approved.

The church voted to disaffiliate after church leadership turned down some members’ plea for more time in July, although this action needed to be approved by the annual conference by a simple majority.

In a special session held on Saturday, the Arkansas Annual Conference of United Methodists decided against the church’s disaffiliation from the United Methodist Church.

A total of 589 ballots were cast, with 254 in favor and 335 against ratifying the disaffiliation.

Leaders claim that because the ratification was rejected during the special session, the decision to disaffiliate now rests with the local church, which may do so by writing to the board of trustees. The trustees’ board will “act in authority” at that point.

Stay On social media, UMC Jonesboro expressed gratitude for the vote taking into account the issues highlighted about the FUMC Jonesboro’s disaffiliation procedure.

“We are truly grateful to those who heard and understood our plight and found the strength to stand up for and defend the UMC and advocate justice over inequity, unity over division, giving voice to the voiceless, and acknowledging the generations of faithful United Methodists who built, served, and worshiped in the space we hold so dear,” said Stay UMC.

The FUMC pastor, Brother John, responded to the Conference’s vote against disaffiliation by uploading a video to the church’s Facebook page.

“We were denied disaffiliation by the United Methodist Conference. Now that’s very discouraging, but it’s not the end of the line,” he said. “There is much more we can do and we will regroup and think about it.”


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