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Driving safety measures taken as winter weather affects central Arkansas



Little Rock, Arkansas – As temperatures plummet on Thursday night, ARDOT says it is treating the roads and asking drivers how they are coping with the slick road conditions.

Dave Parker, the public information officer for the Arkansas Department of Transportation, reports that employees are applying salt on bridges and overpasses to prepare the roads for the temperature decrease on Thursday night and Friday morning.

Here are some places to get warmth in Central Arkansas as it gets ready for a historic Christmas freeze.

Erasmo Garcia claims he was traveling from Fort Smith to Little Rock when he noticed a change in the weather, and that it was one of those things he had to see to believe.

“I left Fort Smith around 10:30 this morning and it was starting to get real bad. I mean as soon as the rain was hitting my windshield it was freezing over,” said Garcia.

He claims that he erred on the side of caution when driving.

“I’m going super slow, y’all please be careful out there it’s not worth it. You know go slow, you know it’s better to get there alive,” said Garcia.

Murvin and Garcia While traveling, Dean claims that they both witnessed auto accidents, and he adds that he also noticed the differences in the surface of the road.

“It’s slick right now, it’s very slick,” said Dean.

As for Sean Stewart, he says drivers should be cautious.

“Slow down, keep your distance and take your time,” said Stewart.

They all acknowledge that it has been a while since they had to drive in these conditions, though. Garca encourages everyone to return home for the holidays in a safe manner.

“Give plenty of space in between vehicles and just be considerate to each other you know it’s Christmas,” said Garcia


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