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Due to inflation, Christmas trees are even more expensive this year



Furlow, Arkansas – These days, it’s difficult to find anything that hasn’t been impacted by price increases or shortages; this even includes the holidays this year.

There are both good and bad news to share if you’re shopping for a real Christmas tree. You will most likely be able to find a tree, but it will probably cost more.

That’s an unfortunate chapter in the history of family-run tree farms like Schilling’s Christmas Tree Farm in Furlow.

“We started selling trees in 1985,” said Brian Hibbs with Schilling’s. “Everything’s gone up this year, it’s been the first time we’ve had to raise prices in three or four years.”

The newest ornament on the tree is inflation, and it’s a hideous one at that.

These trees are more expensive for a variety of factors, including the price of diesel and the cost of decorations.

Hibbs receives trees shipped from Boone, North Carolina, and it costs money to transport trees nearly 600 miles.

“Everything’s got so high this year, and we just, we couldn’t afford to stay open and keep running the farm without raising the price of the trees,” Hibbs explained.

This year, the price tag will reflect that increase. According to Hibbs, their standard rate is around $10 per foot, but right now it’s more like $12–$14.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I hate that we had to drive up prices, I mean, but across the board, pretty well had to do that.”

Even if such costs might be higher, Hibbs remained optimistic. Even while it may not be ideal, he is prepared for the holiday crowds.

“You think you’re gonna lose the Christmas spirit, and then you get out here and you see all the families come out and then just enjoy the tractor ride and going out in the field,” Hibbs said. “This helps bring your spirit back. Hopefully, the prices won’t hurt anybody too bad.”

On Friday, November 25, Schilling’s will open at 9 a.m.

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