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During the Dallas Mavericks game’s intermission, two UCA graduates get married



Conway, Arkansas – After getting married in front of tens of thousands of people during an NBA game on Monday, a couple from Arkansas has taken the internet by storm.

The chance to get married at the halftime of the Mavericks vs. Timberwolves game was given to Reid and Ellyn Malone, two devoted Dallas Mavericks supporters.

“Starting at the bride position, please welcome Ellyn Piatt,” the Mavs announcer said as Ellyn nervously walked towards her groom by her father’s side.

“When Reid was first approached about it, he thought I was going to say no, but I was like no let’s do it,” Ellyn said.

Since he was a little child, Reid has blended Mavericks blue, long before combining that passion with his wife’s alma mater’s purple, the University of Central Arkansas.

“I never changed out a Mavs flag in my dorm the whole time,” Reid said.

Oddly, the couple didn’t meet in a school; instead, they did so at a 2020 wedding. Reid was the DJ for the wedding of Ellyn’s sorority sister, and the two just so happened to get along.

The couple got engaged in 2021 after meeting on the Mavericks’ court. In front of more than 20,000 spectators, they got married there in 2023.

“It gets me emotional now,” Reid admitted.

When the Mavs got in touch, the Malones had already reserved their wedding location after getting engaged in 2021. Hence, they will hold their second wedding in June in a conventional manner.

The NBA, SportsCenter, Bleacher Report, House of Highlights, and even The Late Show with James Corden have all covered the 8-minute halftime wedding.

Ellyn claimed that the 8-minute ceremony went surprisingly quickly and only took two.

The wedding was free of charge as well. Everything was handled by the Mavs organization, which also gave the Malones a gift of $7,000 for their honeymoon.

It was nothing short of wonderful, according to Ellyn.

“Nothing went wrong. Everything went the way we could imagine it going.”

The Malones now wish that their ring ceremony would influence their cherished Mavericks.

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