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Election surveillance by the DOJ and security concerns



Jonesboro, Arkansas – Some people are concerned for their safety as voters and poll workers before the last round of voting begins on Tuesday.

Prior to Tuesday’s election, the Department of Justice declared that it will be keeping an eye on 64 locations across 24 states to protect the security of all voters.

Voter intimidation is the main issue with elections, according to the DOJ, which listed Arkansas as one of the 24 states being watched.

Jennifer Clack has been Craighead County’s election coordinator for 8 years.

She is not anticipating anything unusual on election day despite the fact that there are numerous contentious subjects on the ticket.

“All the things that are happening in other areas, do not seem to be happening here, which is nice I think we have a great and strong community,” said Clack.

The majority of poll workers are retired, like Carol Sexton, who has encountered a few irate voters but never a significant issue.

The Craighead County Sheriffs and the Jonesboro Police are not taking any special measures on election day, according to Salley Smith, the public information officer for Jonesboro.

Since early voting began, Clack has worked the polls every day and claims she has not encountered any intimidation or violence.

“So far I have not had any threats, and no one has shown any aggression,” said Clack.

Clack has had a few encounters, but none that needed the involvement of the police.

“We have had some people cranky about one thing or the other, and we just let them be, and let them vote and they go on,” said Clack.


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