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Even though shelters are still closed, a Little Rock group provides warmth to the homeless



Little Rock, Arkansas – To keep those without shelter warm on Friday, a Little Rock organization traveled throughout central Arkansas on foot following a day of heavy snowfall and temperatures close to freezing.

Manley Dillon of The Van claimed that even though it wasn’t cold enough to freeze, he nevertheless drove around the city’s streets helping the locals. According to him, hypothermia poses a serious risk to homeless individuals. For the most of Friday, the weather was rainy.

Dillon claimed that he frequently visits camps that he is familiar with and that he worries about the residents.

“A lot of times if it’s a bad rain or stuff like that they might lose their whole camp, stuff will collapse on them, tarps, tents, so forth and so on,” he said.

When trying to give warm supplies to people living on the streets, like a blanket, long johns, and gloves, Dillon admitted he doesn’t know everyone he encounters. He mentioned that when he lends a helpful hand, he doesn’t anticipate receiving a lot of gratitude.

“I’ve got people that I’ve known for years out there,” he said. “Those are the people that will give me a better response, but a lot of it is just ‘hey, let’s just try to get this stuff to you.’ It’s not about thanks.”

An official from The Van stated on social media that, as per their agreement with the city of Little Rock, they are unable to offer an emergency shelter on Friday night. According to them, it must consistently be 25 degrees or lower during the day when it’s dry, or 32 degrees or lower at night when there’s winter precipitation.

According to Dillon, people who are out in the cold without appropriate clothing run the risk of hypothermia when it’s freezing outside. Knowing that he has assisted everyone he could is one of the things that motivates him to drive until the next morning.

Usually, I’ll go until it’s done,” he said. “My IMO is usually I’ll get McDonald’s from my wife when I come in so that’s about what time I get through with it.”

Dillon declared that he will always go above and beyond to keep someone warm, even if it meant sacrificing his own life.


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