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Experts offer advice on preventing carbon monoxide poisoning in Arkansas during the frigid weather



Little Rock, Arkansas – People all around Arkansas are undoubtedly turning up the heat or finding other ways to keep their houses warm as a result of the subfreezing temperatures that have arrived in the state.

However, in addition to producing heat, fuel-burning appliances also produce carbon monoxide. The medical director of Arkansas Poison Control at UAMS, Dr. Ari Filip, outlined the dangers of this time of year.

“Today is a risky time of year as people are trying to heat their homes,” Filip said.

Chief of the Little Rock Fire Department Jacob Lear-Sadowsky gave an explanation of why the gas is so harmful to human beings.

“It’s odorless, colorless, very, very poisonous to humans when we inhale it,” Lear-Sadowsky said.

The symptoms, according to Lear-Sadowski, would be similar to the flu.

“Lightheaded or dizzy, you might have chest pain, you might have shortness of breath,” Filip said.

In more severe situations, carbon monoxide poisoning can result in comas, convulsions, or even death.

It is incredibly hazardous to individuals and hazardous to our dwellings.

“It is rated as a flammable gas,” Lear-Sadowsky said.

Lear- According to Sadowsky, checking that your carbon monoxide detector is in good working order can help you save a lot of trouble.

“Make sure it’s functioning – really you should be swapping out the batteries every six months,” Filip said.

When attempting to stay warm during this frigid blast, safety comes first.

“Check on your loved ones, check on the elderly, and again with the cold weather – it’s a good idea to bring your pets inside,” Lear-Sadowsky said.

Additionally, keep in mind that vehicles release carbon monoxide, so be cautious to pre-heat your car in an open area.

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