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Experts share how to avoid vehicle problems during winter weather



Little Rock, Arkansas — According to experts, getting car inspections at least twice a year can save you money and possibly save your life when winter weather hits.

It’s best to get your car inspected at least once before the summer heat and once before the winter freeze, Discount Tire and Brake store manager Ron Raper said.

“Maybe you’ve got a thing going on with your car that’s been happening for a little while but it hasn’t been a very big problem because the roads conditions have been good,” Raper said. “Bad weather can change everything.”

According to statistics, the stress winter weather puts on car batteries can cause between 30 to 40 percent of life when temperatures reach below freezing.

“Your battery is getting a little weak, sometimes that cold weather can push it right over the edge,” he said.

Winter weather car issues can extend to windshields, wipers, brakes, and more. Waiting to get parts fixed can cause more money and harm than if the car owner chooses to be proactive.

“That stopping distance, if you have to slam on your breaks on a slick road, your breaks aren’t up to par, that 10 feet of stopping distance can be the difference of you hitting somebody and not,” Raper said. “We really recommend that people don’t wait for there to be a problem to come and get their car checked.”

According to Raper, even though the salt solution put on the roads helps clear them, it is still important to wash your car after winter storms to avoid corrosion and damage.


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