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Families in Arkansas and supporters of gun safety assemble in orange to pay tribute to those who have lost their lives to firearms



Little Rock, Arkansas – Numerous events and social gatherings with those who have suffered from gun violence or have lost loved ones to it are being held throughout the state to commemorate National Gun Violence Month.

Little Rock moms and advocates for gun safety in Arkansas held their yearly celebration, which included an orange-colored Little Rock Awareness Center.

Many reported that the wounds from their loved one’s unexpected death are still healing.
Yolanda Harrison claims she never experienced closure.

“I never really got a true answer as to what happened that particular night, but my son is no longer here,” Harrison said.

Many people have had the murder of a relative go unsolved, but Harrison is making use of that unresolved grief by founding an organization called “Mobs Sad.”

“It’s an acronym for Moms of Black Sons standing against death,” Harrison said.

On November 30, 2018, Devan Sprawling, her son, passed away.

“The young man said the gun accidentally went off,” Harrison said.

She claims that while assisting others, she was motivated to speak out against needless gun violence.

“To know how it made me feel I know exactly what they’re feeling so I want to be there to uplift them to know there’s hope and help them to take their pain and turn it into a purpose as I did,” Harrison said.

This year, a number of wear-orange events will be coordinated nationwide by “Moms Demand Action,” an organization founded by proponents of gun control, to make sure that their voices are heard and the message is understood.


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