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Families in Little Rock recall the previous two months after the storm caused them to lose everything



Little Rock, Arkansas – Almost two months have passed since a tornado tore through Central Arkansas, obliterating houses and the memories contained within.

However, many Arkansans banded together in the weeks that followed, relying on one another to stay strong and establish a new normal.

The Jackson family strolls on a cement sidewalk on Saturday where their house once stood.

It was devastated two months ago when a tornado tore across the city.

It’s difficult to even pass past this place right now because of the area’s continued devastating tragedy. When everything is put back together, I might feel differently, but I don’t want to go and I don’t want to see it, Erika Jackson said.

Jason Golden said, “I’m really grateful that we even get to go back and see what it looks like.

Two months after their house was leveled, where the basement floor could be seen, it practically appears the same.

“I thought everything was going to be cleaned up and you know like back to normal, just a few trees knocked down and a few houses still messed up, but I didn’t know it was going to be just the same,” son Jeremiah Jackson said.

The members of their family strolled down memory lane while reflecting on their former existence and looking ahead to the future.

“It was great,” said Erika Jackson, “we slept in a motel for about a month, and then we were able to get a house just like this house, just like this house.

Jason Golden stated, “We are debating whether we want to move and buy somewhere else or start over right now.

The Jacksons know Little Rock is strong, and despite the distance traveled, they have had their back the entire time.

“Because I’m crying, it’s difficult for me to say thank you to people at first. I’m overtaken with emotion because people didn’t have to do what they did for us, not because I’m unhappy about what occurred, said Erika Jackson.


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