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Family and friends mourn the death of Benton grandfather killed in Little Rock shooting



Little Rock, Arkansas – The children of Larry Foster say their father was on his way to work to support his family when an unexpected act of violence took his life. They refer to this as “the right place at the wrong time.”

On Monday, Larry Foster was using a service road for the I-30 when he stopped and spoke with a stranger. Foster was shot in the chest, and when police arrived, they discovered him already dead.

One of two connected homicides that occurred in two places on Monday night was Foster’s passing. Court documents that were received on Wednesday demonstrate how the investigations into those two fatalities resulted in Demontra Hatfield’s capture.

In Pulaski County, Hatfield is accused of killing Foster. In Saline County, Hatfield is also accused of harming a 3-year-old who had been shot and of killing Krystle Wilder.

Detectives discovered that Hatfield and the lady who was killed were the child’s parents, but they couldn’t connect him to Larry Foster.

Foster, who was 61, recently informed friends and family that he planned to retire following his birthday in order to spend more time with his kids and grandchildren. One such buddy was John Guess.

“There are lots of Larry Foster stories,” lamented Guess.

Family members say that “John’s words can speak for us. He knows us all about as good as we know ourselves.”

Guess initially believed it might have been someone else with the same name until Foster’s son was personally contacted.

“To think that he went in such a violent way, a useless senseless way is heartbreaking,” Guess said. “And it ties in with so much of the other senseless things that are going on.”

During his speech at Foster’s funeral, Guess will discuss forgiveness and ask for prayers for everyone involved, including the shooter.

“As I laid down last night, I had to forgive the man, and I’d like to think Larry would forgive him, too,” Guess said. “If you don’t forgive him, it will eat you up like acid.”

Police provide Hatfield’s account of events in an affidavit. After an argument allegedly sparked by a car accident, Hatfield claims he shot Foster because he believed Foster to be in possession of a gun. Detectives asserted that they did not discover a gun at the scene of Foster’s death.

In Pulaski County, Hatfield is accused of first-degree domestic assault, first-degree child endangerment, and capital murder in connection with the Little Rock event.

In Saline County, Hatfield is also accused of first-degree murder, abuse of a corpse, certain persons in possession of a handgun, endangering the welfare of a juvenile, and tampering with physical evidence.

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