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Fans can access the World Cup thanks to this Little Rock restaurant



Little Rock, Arkansas – The 2022 World Cup has finally arrived, and Daniel Bryant has been impatiently awaiting the start of the tournament, along with countless other soccer fans around the globe.

“I try to watch every single game if possible. I don’t always get to do that,” said Bryant.

He has been attempting to transform his restaurant, Hill Station, into a gameday gathering place for soccer enthusiasts in the Natural State for the past few months.

“We got a flag from all the nations that are playing and it looks cool out front, everybody seems to like it,” said Bryant.

Bryant declared that his doors would remain open regardless of the time or day of the game.

“If we’re going to embrace it, we’re going to embrace it fully. That includes the 4:00 a.m., 7:00 a.m., Thanksgiving. Days we’re normally closed like Monday, we’re going to be open,” said Bryant.

Local soccer enthusiasts like Max McCluskey, who is simply anticipating this year’s World Cup, love this coverage.

“As someone who’s always been a fan of soccer and just wanting to see the game progress in the United States, it’s finally happening before my eyes and I’m just so happy,” said McCluskey.

Bryant stated that some adjustments will need to be made in order to be available for every game.

“We’ll be running a really abbreviated menu,” said Bryant. “So, it’ll probably just be me and maybe one other person, two other people early, and then the other staff will start coming in.”

In the end, according to Bryant, it’s all about giving them an enjoyable experience.

“I’ve got a lot of soccer friends that are soccer fans from other countries, and they don’t always get to watch their game in primetime,” said Bryant.

He wants everyone to be able to see their team on the big screen with the extended hours.

On Friday, Bryant said that they will build a turf soccer field on Kavanaugh so that family could watch the Americans play England.

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