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Faulkner County Coalition for Social Justice organized a student walkout at Conway High School



Little Rock, Arkansas – Tuesday, the Faulkner County Coalition for Social Justice announced a student walkout via Facebook.

The vote by the Conway School Board to endorse regulations from a meeting that took place last month regarding transgendered children and critical race theory was followed by the walkout at 2:30 p.m.

Based on the student’s given sex at birth, the authorized policies impose restrictions on bathroom use and hotel stays.

The FCCSJ included in their infographic reasons for the walkout, such as “to protest the two anti-trans policies passed by the Conway School Board, to protest the draft policy 5.5.2 which would ban the teaching of critical race theory, and to protest discrimination by the school board, district administrators, and teachers.”

Students who want to take part in the walkout are given advice in the flyer.

“Stop whatever you are doing and simply walk out. Teachers cannot bar you from exiting the classroom. Walk briskly, but do not run or cause disturbance in the hallway as you leave. The school cannot punish you for missing school to participate in political protest more harshly than it punishes students for missing school for any other purpose. You will most likely be counted absent as a result of the protest. And you must provide your name upon request from a school resource officer.”

A student called the news station to explain that the institution had banned LGBTQA+ literature and implemented new policies.

Conway Public Schools’ communications specialist Heather Kendrick made a statement.

“Last month Conway School Board removed two books from Conway Schools libraries, Felix Ever After, and Beyond Magenta,” said Kendrick. “They were challenged by the school district’s committee who agreed that they should not be removed however the School Board voted to remove them at last month’s meeting.”

Due to the approval of the two policies, many students joined in the walk.

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