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FEMA says those who get denied assistance does not mean a definite no



Little Rock, Arkansas – When it comes to assisting Arkansans in recovering from the tornado that struck on March 31, FEMA has been trying its best.

People who have been advised they can obtain financial assistance don’t necessarily mean they won’t.

According to Tom Kempton of FEMA, receiving a denial for assistance does not necessarily imply a definitive rejection; there may have been a problem with missing paperwork or the insurance company may not have accepted the damage because they are late on payments.

Qualification letters:

After you submit your application, FEMA will write to you with an update on its status.

“This letter explains the types of assistance FEMA has determined you are eligible to receive, the amount of assistance FEMA is providing for each eligible need, the reason an applicant would be ineligible for specific types of assistance and an explanation of the appeals process,” said FEMA.

If the message states “no decision,” continue reading to find out what else FEMA needs to continue processing your application, which may include:

1. Insurance paperwork that is still pending, which will determine other programs the survivor may be eligible for with FEMA.
2. Proof of home ownership, like copies of mortgage payments or a house deed.
3. A renter’s lease to prove occupancy.
4. Pay stub or a government-issued picture ID that has the damaged property listed.
5. A completed Small Business Administration Disaster Loan application.
6. Some common reasons for “no decision” determination include:
7. Insurance settlement approval or denial letter is not provided to FEMA.
8. Multiple applications using the same address.
9. Minimal or no personal property needs repaired or replaced.
10. Missed home inspection appointment.
11. Home is safe to occupy.


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