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Fifteen-year-old looking for a forever home



Little Rock, Arkansas – We will highlight a child in the Arkansas foster care system twice a month who is awaiting the adoption of their forever family.

We want you to meet Michael, who is fifteen years old, this week.

“I want to be a movie star, and then after that, I want to have a YouTube channel and just chill out and do challenges,” said Michael.

Michael is characterized as a cool, humorous young man with a wonderful sense of humor.

“He has a lot of unique interests. and he’s just an amusing kid to spend time with. And as his adoption specialist, I’m looking for a forever family for him because he’s just waiting in foster care,” said DHS Adoption Specialist Abby Hutchins.

Michael, according to Hutchins, is tech-savvy and full of energy.

“He loves quality time, a lot of the time we’ll go shopping for clothes or shoes together. And he enjoys that. And he is just getting out into the community. He would do well in an active family but is also a gamer. So, he’s super into video games and technology. And so he would do well in a family that has experienced with that as well,” said Hutchins.

She claims that because of their age, teenagers have the hardest trouble being adopted.

“Teenagers scare a lot of people because people have this perception that teenagers are more complex or teenagers in foster care are scary. And I want someone to know that Michael is just a kid deep down and has all the same likes and dislikes that any other kid would have,” said Hutchins.

Michael needs a place to call home first, though.

Please visit the following websites for additional information about Michael or any other kid in the Arkansas Foster Care System:



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