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First utility in Arkansas to collaborate with the federal government to cut carbon pollution



Little Rock, Arkansas – The Biden-Harris Administration and the United Nations Climate Change Conference launched their first Memorandum of Understanding on Tuesday, aiming to provide electricity that is entirely free of carbon emissions.

According to the U.S. General Services Administration, a minimum of 50% would be offered consistently in accordance with Executive Order 14057’s provisions.

The MOU between Entergy Arkansas and the U.S. General Services Administration will assist federal agencies in the state in achieving the objectives of President Biden’s Executive Order.

By 2023, the federal government must obtain all of its electricity from sources free of carbon emissions, according to this decree.

This featured 50% continuous CFE, which was delivered to the same grid zone as the plants that were using it.

“This MOU marks a historic step forward and demonstrates how the federal government is partnering in initiatives to spur demand for carbon pollution-free electricity – when and where people need it,” said Robin Carnahan, GSA Administrator. “GSA looks forward to working with our agency partners and utilities across the country to replicate this MOU model – helping to promote local, clean energy sources and catalyze utility-scale energy storage, and create a more resilient grid.”

According to the MOU, Entergy Arkansas will permit its clients in the public and private sectors to use renewable energy sources including solar, wind, or hydroelectricity as well as a locally supplied nuclear power.

The U.S. General Services Administration claims that this scheme is among the first power utility tariffs in the world to offer hourly 24/7 CFE matching with user electricity consumption. Combining the production of new and old CFE power.

It is envisaged that Entergy Arkansas customers in the public and private sectors would have a dependable, cost-competitive choice for CFE that corresponds to the energy use both day and night after this has been fully established and licensed.

“Today’s MOU shows how innovative, customer-centric clean energy can help Federal agencies in Arkansas cost-effectively meet the clean energy goals of President Biden’s Federal Sustainability Plan. By building upon existing nuclear power generation with new carbon-free renewable resources, this approach helps reach net-zero emissions while keeping costs low for consumers,” said Andrew Mayock, the Federal Government’s Chief Sustainability Officer at the White House. “We hope this partnership between GSA and Entergy Arkansas will serve as a model for other Federal agencies and suppliers to accelerate the transition to clean energy.”

As the main agency responsible for purchasing electricity for the federal government, GSA is collaborating with partner organizations to discover energy procurement choices and create strategies to achieve 100 percent CFE.

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