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Fleeing West Memphis suspect dies after police PIT maneuver



Little Rock, Arkansas – According to Arkansas State Police, a suspect from West Memphis was slain in a police chase on Friday after eluding a traffic stop.

According to a press release, an ASP trooper stopped the suspect at the 283-mile marker of Interstate 40 East in West Memphis at roughly 10 p.m. on Friday by using a PIT (precision immobilization technique) maneuver known as a Tactical Vehicle Intervention (TVI).

Demarcus Clark, the suspect, was a 32-year-old West Memphis resident who passed away as a result of his injuries.

According to the police, Clark was driving recklessly and exceeding the 120 mph limit, risking the lives of other drivers.

After Clark eluded a traffic stop earlier in the evening, the Marion Police Department started the pursuit and asked ASP for support.

“As ASP Troopers, we take our duty to protect the public seriously,” said ASP Colonel Mike Hagar. “Last night, our troopers put into action their oath to always put the lives of innocents ahead of their own and ahead of a suspect who made the reckless choice to flee from law enforcement.”

“Although we regret any loss of life, we thank God that our brave troopers made it home safe to their families,” Hagar said.

The Clark’s vehicle struck another state police vehicle shortly after the TVI/PIT maneuver, injuring that officer. The injured policeman received treatment and was then discharged from a nearby hospital.

According to authorities, I-40 East traffic was slowed down for more than three hours.

The ASP Criminal Investigation Division is looking into the event.

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