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Following an incident at a Jonesboro High School, man charged with second-degree battery



Little Rock, Arkansas – A Friday incident inside the school left three Westside High School employees hurt.

On November 18, a man allegedly entered the high school through a student door. This is according to Superintendent Scott Gauntt.

Gauntt claimed that the 53-year-old David Edward McFall of Bono was initially confronted by two staff members. Then, amid the event, two other employees joined in.

Gauntt claimed that when McFall entered the facility, he had a specific employee in mind. At the time of the event, a Craighead County Sheriff’s Deputy who was serving as a school resource officer at the establishment was able to react quickly.

Gauntt claims it’s unclear whether the individual was let into the facility or if the door he entered via was propped open or unlocked.

He said that the staff members had only minor scrapes on them.

According to Gaunt, there were no pupils nearby or in danger during the incident.

He further stated that the district is looking into what transpired and would be assessing its security strategy.

The second-degree battery was included as a felony accusation against McFall.

Online rosters show that he was released from the Craighead County Detention Center at about 3:28 pm.

McFall stated that he desired to speak with a staff member but refused to specify how. He said, “I was harmed in the incident, too.”

According to McFall, he merely entered through an unlocked door.

“They know how I got in. I just walked right up to the front door and walked in. It ain’t like I searched every door to get in. The first door I came to, I walked right in,” McFall said.

McFall stated that he is hiring an attorney but would not indicate whether he would enter a plea of guilty to the allegations.

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