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Following complaints of stalking using the device, an Arkansas law firm sues Tile’s makers



Little Rock, Arkansas – A fresh lawsuit is targeting a technology company for its tracking software. The legal complaint alleges that Tile, a tracking device, is being used to monitor individuals instead of its original purpose of locating lost items.

Previous instances of this issue have involved Apple AirTags. WH Law took those accusations to court and claimed that the company was negligent in the harm caused by its software. Now, the same law firm is pursuing a similar case involving the Tile tracking device.

Shannon Ireland-Gordy and her spouse Stephanie are mentioned in the lawsuit, sharing that an ex-partner turned into a stalker. They experienced unwelcome intrusions and damage to their property, along with the mysterious knowledge of their whereabouts. Months later, they discovered a Tile tracking device hidden in one of their cars.

David Slade from WH Law highlighted that this problem extends to many tracking devices. Although the technology was designed to safeguard possessions in case they go missing, it is now being exploited to monitor individuals.

Slade emphasized that society must be conscious of this emerging risk, which has become a reality in 2023. He mentioned tracker-detecting apps like AirGuard and Tracker Detect as tools that can help individuals identify if such devices are in proximity.

When approached, the creators of Tile provided the following response: “Life360 remains committed to the safety and privacy of our users. Using a Tile to track someone’s location without their knowledge is against our terms of service, and we do not condone the use of our technology in this manner. Collaboration with law enforcement in cases of misuse is a priority, and we actively work to ensure perpetrators are brought to justice. We have never received a law enforcement report of misuse of our Anti-Theft Mode, and we are confident our system of deterring bad actors is working as intended.”


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