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Following the storms on June 17, Governor Sanders declares an emergency in Arkansas



Arkansas – On June 17, the Natural State was attacked by violent thunderstorms and powerful winds, which significantly damaged the entire state.

Numerous power lines were damaged by the storms, and a confirmed EF-2 tornado was even spotted in Logan County. Numerous Arkansans were left without electricity as a result.

Commercial vehicles are required to transport large machinery, enormous loads, transformers, hardware, and other transmission and distribution equipment as personnel work to restore power.

Arkansas Governor Sanders declared a state of emergency on June 20. This declaration covers any commercial and energy response vehicles working to clean up and restore the state.

Through July 17, 2023, all weigh station facilities operated by the Arkansas Department of Transportation may be avoided by these emergency response vehicles.

This permission does not apply to cars that need licenses to drive on Arkansas’s roads, nor does it lift weight and size restrictions. Only weigh stations and convoys of vehicles are covered by this declaration.

The Arkansas Building Authority, the Office of Personnel Management, the Office of State Procurement, and all other state departments and agencies will also be exempt from all provisions of governing statutes that specify how they should conduct themselves.

The Arkansas Division of Emergency Management made this choice to provide the Arkansas Department of Energy and Environment and the Arkansas Department of Public Safety with the most support possible.

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