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Gas prices in Little Rock almost to the point where people don’t want to leave their houses anymore



Little Rock, Arkansas – High gas prices for some Little Rock drivers means postponing summer vacations.

Staying close to a record high for the state Gas in Arkansas hovers around the $4 mark for a regular gallon of gas. “It’s almost to the point where people don’t want to leave their houses anymore,” said Little Rock driver Miranda Wilkerson.

According to drivers like Wilkerson, it’s costing more every day to fill up their tanks, almost doubling the cost compared to last year.

“You have to budget and cut corners here and there,” said Little Rock driver Debra Davis.

Davis works as a teacher in Little Rock and is just a few weeks away from summer vacation.

This year, she was supposed to take a road trip to Orange Beach in Alabama with her daughter. She says that’s now being postponed. “We just have to start over,” said Davis.

According to Davis, she is already spending 80 dollars a week in gas commuting to work. She says right now a road trip is out of the question.

Davis lives in Bryant. From her house to Orange Beach, it would take about 8 and a half hours, and cost her $150 in gas round-trip. “When you have other people in your family and kids, you have to think realistically,” said Davis.

But this isn’t the first trip Davis has had to cancel due to gas prices this year.

According to Davis, she was supposed to take a road trip to Disney World for Spring Break but that was canceled as well. “It’s disappointing because you want to be able to take time out for yourself and enjoy life,” said Davis.

According to other drivers, they’re fed up with the high costs and are hoping for some relief in the coming months. “It makes me not want to do anything because we don’t have money to fill our cars up,” said Wilkerson.

She is postponing her trip to August, but that date is still dependent on prices at the pump, Davis said.


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