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Governor details expectations for COVID-19 in Arkansas



LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — In a press conference Saturday, Governor Asa Hutchinson announced a total of 118 patients testing positive for coronavirus in Arkansas.

Governor Hutchinson then detailed expectations for the future of the illness in Arkansas.

Officials are projecting that Arkansas is likely to reach the peak of a COVID-19 spread in 6 to 8 weeks.

At that time, they estimate 1000 Arkansans will require hospitalization.

Governor Hutchinson says the goal is to flatten the peak number of patients, and that the public’s continuous help is needed.

The governor says Arkansans should focus on social distancing, getting screened if necessary, hand hygiene, and avoiding travel to minimize the number of new cases.

Governor Hutchinson says the effects of the virus are to be constantly monitored in Arkansas and other states.

At a press conference at the Arkansas Department of Health Saturday, the governor said he had been in meetings most of the morning talking logistics, supply chain, what the future holds.

The Governor emphasized that no decision point is planned at this time regarding further measures, like home isolation.

“If we are successful in this effort, as a public, as Arkansans, then we don’t have to do what other states have done, which is a shelter in place, cease more business activities, lose more jobs and, as you see, they have gone to more extreme measures.”

When asked about students returning to schools Governor Hutchinson said, “we’re going to see what we learn by April 17th.”

“Hopefully we’ll be on target to go back to school at that time.”

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