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Governor Hutchinson lifts out of state travel ban in Arkansas



LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — The restrictions continue to be lifted as once again the Governor reopens the state not just to Arkansas but to the most of the rest of the county.

On Tuesday, Governor Asa Hutchinson lifted the out of state travel ban in Arkansas except for what is classified as a hot spot, but what is a hot spot?

“I don’t know that there’s a technical definition for it but it is certainly an increasing number of cases but it would be something that would be of concern to us,” said Governor Hutchinson.

Currently, New York, New Jersey, New Orleans, and Connecticut are listed as those hot spots, but areas can be added and subtracted from that list.

“It’s so not an exact science I was saying but will be looking at new places where we see increases and make sure that we are putting safeguards in place and then very cautiously take those off when it’s clear that the risk is not much higher than other places in the country,” said Dr. Nate Smith from the Arkansas Department of Health.

“And so I’m hopeful that if our nations stay on the right trajectory that we’ll be taking places off of hot spots versus adding them,” said Governor Hutchinson.

This is all part of getting the state back up and running again, especially the hospitality industry in the natural state.

“The objective we are trying to accomplish is to allow our hotels and lodges to extend occupancy to those who may come to Arkansas fro our neighboring states,” said Governor Hutchinson.

The re-opening to travel also lifts the out of state ban from state parks. Governor Hutchinson noting that the parks are a big draw.

“This makes very clear in Arkansas is how much people appreciate our state parks and miss them when they’re not available and I know they’re anxious to have access to them to the fullest extent,” said Governor Hutchinson.

Dr. Nate Smith with the Department of Health says they’ve gotten lots of questions on pools and they now plan to release some guidance later this week on community and recreational pools.

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