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Greenbrier community surprises young cancer patient



Greenbrier, Arkansas — After an unforeseen diagnosis of cancer, The Greenbrier community is showing love to one of their own.

A 13-year-old, Ashley Pearson, is headed to Dallas for treatment, but not before several surprised her with special treats. “When I figured out I had cancer it was very rough,” Pearson said.

Pearson found out she had a tumor in her brain at the end of January — having to undergo two surgeries to completely remove it.

“I was very scared, and me and my family played the game of Life and I won, so I’m like hopefully I get to win the game of life in real life,” Pearson said.

The community wanted to do something special for her as she goes to Dallas for chemo.

“Dawne, who owns Mojo’s, she reached out to me and was just like, ‘we are supporting Ashley one hundred percent, and of course, in this battle, no one fights alone,'” Pearson’s stepmom said.

After seeing another local business doing kind gestures, Dawne Trent, owner of Mojo’s Hometown Pizza, got this idea.

On Monday morning, Dawne and several others from the community gathered and surprised Pearson with a send-off like no other, including a swag bag, a poster, and even a gold medal from Olympic athlete Kayle Browning!
“I told her God’s with you we are all praying for you, and you’ve already won your battle and just gave her the medal,” Browning said. “That way she had something to hold onto and remember the small town she comes from and that everyone is supporting her.”

Pearson’s battle is not over. The cancer was malignant and spread to her spine. While she has a fight ahead of her, Greenbrier continues to remind her she is not alone.
“No one fights alone in this,” Pearson’s stepmom said. “The whole community has stepped up and it’s amazing.”
Pearson is hoping after her trip to Dallas for treatment, she will be able to continue playing softball, her favorite sport.


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