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Greenbrier woman selling shirts to raise money for people in Ukraine



Greenbrier, Arkansas – A Greenbrier woman, Toya Aultman created T-shirts she is selling to raise money for the people of Ukraine.

Through her act of support, she is letting the people of Ukraine know that they are loved.

There is a selection of shirts in yellow, blue, or white, all with the phrase, “Yellow Blue Bus, Ukraine.”

According to Aultman, there is a special meaning to the phrase.

“When my son was in preschool his teacher went on a mission trip to Ukraine and she taught them to say, ‘Yellow Blue Bus,’ was like saying ‘I love you.’ in Ukraine. That’s what it would sound like to us,” she explained.

The shirts are available online for $20, with all proceeds going directly to the Baptist Missionary Association’s Ukraine relief fund.


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