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Growing economy and leisure opportunities improve quality of life in White Hall city



White Hall, Arkansas – White Hall is looking for methods to develop economically and recreationally so that residents can enjoy their quality of life.

With almost 3,000 pupils enrolled in the district, White Hall Councilman and company owner Scott Ray said they have been concentrating on boosting education.

“We went through a big mileage a few years ago and we just about a $24 million building project at the school,” said Ray. “We did a brand new workout facility. We built a new fine arts facility that we are very proud of.”

According to Ray, the city has worked with a number of businesses to boost the local economy and create jobs.

“Reliance bank has built their home office here in White Hall which we are very proud of,” said Ray. “We have a big project with JRMC going on. That will be a $20 million project.”

The town’s tax revenue has increased as a result of the additional businesses.

“Our tax base has grown with our new restaurants and new buildings,” said Ray. “In the last two years we have gotten two new nice hotels and we have others that are interested.”

The community of White Hall, according to Ray, a longtime company owner, will support your success.

“White Hall always supports their local business so that is a big deal,” said Ray. “If your local people don’t support you, you can’t make it in a small town.”

There is greater room to increase recreational activities, from their water park to the community center, as more money flows into the economy.

“We have just started pickleball, that is the new craze.” said Ray. “That is a new thing that has been added to our community center. White Hall is just a great place to be, great school district, great place to be. If you want to raise a family, this is the place to be.”

According to him, the city is constantly seeking for new methods to expand, new businesses to collaborate with, and new possibilities to provide residents.



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