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Having his own hens helps one Little Rock resident reduce his shopping bill



Little Rock, Arkansas – In supermarket stores all around the country, egg prices are still rising.

Customers in Arkansas are doing everything they can to cut costs by doing business directly with the coop.

Arkansas 4-H BB Shooting Championships were held on Saturday, with the average price of an egg in Little Rock being around $6, or roughly $0.50.

“It’s pretty shocking,” chicken owner, Trey Rosenbaum said.

Since a little more than five years ago, Trey Rosenbaum has kept hens, calling them one of his favorite pastimes and a great way to save money.

“Instead of spending $20 a week on eggs we are spending $5 a week on feed,” Rosenbaum said.

More than any other supermarket item, egg costs have increased 49% in the previous year, according to the Consumer Price Index from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

“Wow, this is wild, so it’s definitely been beneficial, it’s not an insignificant amount out of our budget and again once you factor in feed costs, it just doesn’t cost that much, so it’s been nice to save and it’s fun to be able to pass those savings on to friends as well,” Rosenbaum stated.

These 11 chickens live in Trey Rosenbaum’s backyard.

He said that they produce over 75 eggs a week, or at least one egg every day.

“I raise chickens to lay eggs, so I want lots of eggs,” Rosenbaum said.

According to Trey Rosenbaum, keeping chickens is relatively simple and minimal maintenance.

He said that he urged anyone who was willing to take the plunge to buy some hens to assist lower their shopping price.

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