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Helping Hand of Greater Little Rock serves hundreds a week



Little Rock, Arkansas – Since 1970, Central Arkansas residents have received assistance through the Helping Hand of Greater Little Rock. They concentrate on providing wholesome meals and consumables to those who are struggling and might use a little assistance. One of the people that receives food for her family is Marquita Norment.

“To me, it means everything. Because it helps my family. It helps my kids. When we don’t have anything to eat, we can come here and get something,” Norment said.

Volunteers working inside are diligently ensuring that clients like Marquita are taken care of. Director Gayle Priddy has the position. For almost 20 years, she has volunteered here. The typical Helping Hand customer pays all of their monthly costs out of an average monthly income of $794.

“That money doesn’t go very far. So it’s essential that we have food pantries to help those in need, otherwise, I don’t know what they would do,” Priddy said.

Servings of milk, juice, bread, and meat come in grocery sacks with dried and canned foods. Every day, they may serve up to 100 families.

“And that would equate to 400 jars of peanut butter 400 boxes of cereal and 2800 caned good a week. So we go through quite a bit of food,” Priddy said.

Together with Arkansas Children’s Hospital, Helping Hand also works.

“Whether they’re being discharged from the hospital or maybe they have a child that’s going to be long term in the hospital and they have a place to stay but need some extra food. And that has increased. Sometimes it’s 50 bags a week that we give to children’s hospital,” Priddy said.

Helping Hand ensures that individuals like Marquita are taken care of when they are most in need, regardless of how they choose to serve the community, whether it be through rental aid, food assistance, or other needs.

“Everybody needs help. And sometimes I think if people would just stop and see and everybody try to help each other instead of try to tear each other down, the world would be a better place,” Norment said.

One interesting fact is that their volunteers are, on average, 72 years old. Visit to give or find out more information.


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