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High School in Jonesboro plans for changes



Jonesboro, Arkansas – One school district has a new addition changing how students get to school, as school starts back in just a few days in Jonesboro.

Ahead of the 2022-2023 school year, the Academies at Jonesboro High School completed construction on a new building.

This building will house meeting rooms, offices, and 21 new classrooms, but the new construction will change how students get to school. “One of the most important parts is in drop off in the morning. We ask that they drop them off by the sidewalk. Because if a kid is getting out of the car and onto the sidewalk they are as safe as they can be,” said Dr. Brad Faught, executive principal at the school.

When parents arrive on campus now, they will enter the campus from College Street and exit on Main Street, but making a right turn only.

According to Faught, these changes would keep everyone safe. “Well, it’s very important. When we talk about buses and parents and student drivers it’s really important that we are safe and have a real good plan,” he said.

Students driving and buses will enter the student parking lot as normal but exit from a new drive that leads to Highland Drive and only makes a right turn.

Over 500 students attended the recent open house, Faught said. He said a record number of sophomores attended.

There will be school staff helping with the new traffic flow on the school campus for the first few days of school.


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