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Holiday shoppers make last-minute trips



Jonesboro, Arkansas – On Christmas Eve, a large number of people went shopping for last-minute gifts.

The weekend before Christmas is likely to see 142 million customers, according to the National Retail Federation.

On Sunday, Jonesboro had a large number of shoppers as well.

On Saturday, Tnia Washington went shopping. She works in retail as well. One of the busiest days she worked, according to her, was Friday.

“The closer it gets to Christmas, the crazier it gets,” she said. “Lines are wrapped around, you’re standing in the same place for hours. People just have carts of things.”

She claimed that she only went shopping for wrapping paper on Christmas Eve and that she prefers to finish most of her shopping early.

“It’s less pressure – when you have a week, two weeks, to get the list of people. Whereas if you start in October, you could be like ‘I could get my momma this for Christmas” and you can also shop as you’re in store,” she said.

According to the National Retail Federation, most holiday consumers scratch off roughly half of their wish lists in the first few days of December.

On Saturday, Gavin Guy went shopping as well.

He didn’t shop at the last minute the same way.

“People come in last minute because there’s certain people they probably forget about, at that family event that they might have some animosity against or something like that. Overall, you know, last-minute Christmas shopping is probably a tradition for some people.”

It was anticipated that 53 million people would visit the area the weekend before Christmas.

Clothes, toys, and gift cards are among the most popular last-minute gift suggestions among buyers.


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