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How to stay away from porch pirates during the holidays



Springdale, Arkansas – Holiday shopping is always best completed between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If such were the case, you most likely anticipate shipments arriving at your home shortly.

However, according to the police, if you leave them on your doorstep for too long, robbers may take advantage of them.

Annual Christmas lighting ceremonies are held at the Arkansas State Capitol.

People order last-minute gifts as the holidays get near and have them delivered to their doorstep, but at this time of year, there might be more grinches out to steal Christmas.

Arkansas’s laws were modified in 2021, making this the first Christmas season where the penalty is used.

Theft of a parcel is now considered a Class D Felony, with a maximum six-year jail sentence.

“Most criminals, they don’t think of the consequences whenever they go to commit the crime. They are not thinking that far ahead, but it definitely helps us. you know. If they get caught, we can send that message out to other people and may deter somebody,” Springdale Police Officer, Captain Jeff Taylor said.

Captain Taylor advised having someone pick up your parcels personally to prevent them from being stolen.

The shorter time they spend on your doorstep, he adds, the better. He also advises having them delivered to your neighbor’s home or workplace if they are there.

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