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Hundreds gather for a funeral to honor and remember the lives of the five lost in a car crash



Sherwood, Arkansas – A difficult day for family and friends in Sherwood, who said their final goodbyes to five young adults who died in a car crash on their way home from Wyoming.

“They were always glorifying the Lord with their lives,” friend, Grace Persson stated.

At the high school, a large crowd of Sherwood residents gathered to pay tribute to and remember Suzy Prime, Ava Luplow, Andrea Prime, Solamon Correa, and Maggie Franco.

“It still is painful, we are sad they are not here, and they will be greatly missed, but it’s not what we have to dwell on is their death but rather that they have life because of Christ,” friend, Katelyn Rickabaugh said.

Ava and Suzy worked at the Humble Crumb Bakery with Lauren and Katelynn Rickabaugh.

Grace Perrson claimed that while Solamon was a significant part of her family, they were all united through their common faith and attendance at church.

“Each of us had the privilege of getting to experience them in some way and just praising the Lord for the lives that they lived and the testimony they have been able to leave to all of us,” friend, Katelyn Rickabaugh said.

They all agreed that the news was shocking to hear.

“I almost threw up, I was just sitting there having to like breathe a little bit because I was just, it was just that overwhelming feeling of what is going on,” Lauren Rickabaugh said.

“Everyone knew I got news on my phone and I could hardly express it and they were just quiet, everyone was waiting for me to speak and I said they all died and just the shock and horror of that,” Persson stated.

However, they take solace in the fact that they will eventually run across them again. “There is no word to describe the joy that we have knowing that they aren’t crying and they don’t have pain and if anything, all of us are jealous that they get to be in heaven,” Katelyn Rickabaugh said.


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